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We developed Ventricle to find content easy by simply searching for specific topics. To get you started, use the following:

  1. Fracture
  2. Ankle
  3. Brady
  4. Tachy
  5. Syncope
  6. ECG

Key Words are specific words that is found in the overview of the content.

Search be specific resource. We have integrated most of the emergency medicine resources and will continue to add more as they are reviewed by our research team.

Ventricle is programmed to group content according to the type of content you are looking for.

  • Web Document – Written summaries are pushed to Ventricle as web documents.
  • Websites – Content that is found in web format is grouped as Websites
  • Drugs – Yes, we are building a drug database with dosages. Please view the resource to ensure that you are 100% aware where the information is coming from as dosages may vary for different indications.
  • EM Facts – Facts that are super important is summarized for easy access.
  • Video – Instructional videos and key content videos are integrated in the Ventricle database.
  • Podcasts – Those studying for exams will benefit from Podcasts, so we decided to add them to our database.
  • Calculators – Need to make an evidence-based decision? Search for calculators.
  • Forms – We wanted to make it easy to find certain forms for Insurance companies, so we just added them.

Categories will be streamlined in the months to come.

As we hope to partner with health authorities, we added this into the search engine. Please note that you will have to be logged in to the Health Authority Network to access these documents from Ventricle.

Looking for new content? As our contributors are pushing content to their respective sites, we will add them to the Ventricle database. Simply search the year and streamline your results by clicking on the date link within the results table.

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