Welcome to Ventricle

Ventricle is a hub that connects physicians to the best resources on the web. Resources are carefully selected to enhance care at the bedside while you work in the ER or office. Our goal is to use content from a variety of awesome and inspiring contributors and present it in way that is easy to use and learn. 

Who is our favourite contributers?

Why create Ventricle | Circulating knowledge?

One can argue that creating a hub is a total waste of time, but we see it slightly differently. In the end of the day it essentially boils down to clicks. Or goal with Ventricle was to establish a secure database where we could read, explore and be linked to credible content, while staying in a single webpage. We wanted guidelines, PPO’s, documents, quick overviews and new information at the tip of our fingers while enjoying access from anywhere in the world. 

What is coming in the months ahead?

The Ventricle Database is managed and owned by MyEMSolution™ and our goal is to add content fast and furious as it is released by the various contributors to develop Ventricle into an invaluable resource that can be used when studying for exams or making better decisions at the bedside.  We will also start looking at health technology and how doctors feel it can help to improve their patient’s health. We will look at Gadgets and focus on the EMR and the patient portal to see how we can work with health authorities and ministries to build a better healthcare system in Canada.

Dr J