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Ventricle | Circulating Knowledge

User Guide

Did you ever feel that you needed a search engine for cool and relevant medical content that was trusted by physicians around the globe? Ventricle is a search engine that is stored within a secure online environment and brings up resources quickly through 7 filters, carefully chosen to speed up searches.

  • Search
    • Look for any topic like “ectopic, block, aortic dissection” through a broad search interface.
  • Topics
    • We have done the hard work to group all topics together.
  • Sources
    • Search by source
  • Type
    • Specify what you are looking for webpage, web document, video etc
  • Category
    • Broad categories that you can search from
  • Health Authority
    • We are working on this

So, let’s put it to the test, shall we.

A 16-year-old Asian male presents with Syncope. He was playing soccer and collapsed for a brief second on the field. This has never happened before and he did not want to come to Emerge, but his mother forced him. He feels fine and just want to go home.

You are busy and his vitals are stable. The history concerns you as he had syncope while he was playing sports, so you ask him if he was sick recently. He said he was and his doctor gave him Azythromycin for Strep Throat 10 days ago. He just returned to playing soccer after he was cleared the day before.

You quickly search for syncope in Ventricle and read through the Emergency Cases document that provides an ER perspective into this common presenting complaint. You read about the Brugada sign and think to yourself, I have seen that before. You then read further and see Long QT syndrome and you remember that Zithromax increases the QT Interval. You request a 12-lead-ECG and the QT-Interval is longer than it should be, but to be sure, you visit the ECG Library by Life In The Fast Lane and you see, whow it is actually very long at 540. You also visit Brugada Syndrome, found in the Syncope section and Bob is your uncle, you learn something new.

You diagnose long QT syndrome and keep him in the hospital for cardiology review on telemetry and saves his life.

The guys from CanadiEM summarized the Rosen’s in podcast and document form. We have uploaded this to Ventricle. Simply search under Topic: Rosen’s.

Want to browse your favorite EM Blogs? Simply do it from the ventricle screen with the quick links in the top of the screen.

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The Sound of Knowledge

Use QuickLinks to navigate resources quickly while you work.

Add Resource

Ventricle | Team

Good health outcomes depends on team work. The same can be said for optimizing a project of this magnitude for future and current physicians. Over the course of the next few months we will be putting a team together to gather ideas and build on what we have laid the foundation for. We wish to improve our filtering for searches and wish to extend our invitation to contributors to add their content as it is posted.   

You require a medical degree and an electronic device that can connect to the world wide web to add content to our search engine. We will accept medical students who wish to participate in this project, but will require a reference from a superior to grant access.

No knowledge of HTML and CSS is needed to add resources. 

No database knowledge or management is needed. All you need to do is following the 6 commands listed in the uploader. This ensures that information is displayed in a proper format and stays uniform for future users.

First of all, thank you for looking at this section. 

If you feel that you have ideas on how to help us succeed in building the first physician owned and operated search engine for medical content issues by physicians, watch this space. We will open the floor for input in the next 2 – 3 months

* Updated 14 November 2019

Coming Soon

The Coffee Shop

Ventricle | Circulating Knowledge

Ventricle is a hub of various resources and is intended to be used by medical professionals while working in the ER, studying for examinations or acquiring new skills. 

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Ventricle is currently under construction. We are working hard to launch the complete project in January 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience during this time.