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  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses
  • Medical Students
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists

Provider access to MyEDProfile™ is FREE for all physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical students and allied health care providers.

  • The MyEMSolution team will verify the information submitted by registrants to ensure that ongoing access to the platform is provided only to registered health care providers within 48 hours after registration.
  • If we are unable to verify the details submitted, access to the platform will be revoked.

The MyEDProfile™ Provider Portal is a web based platform that links providers to the best resources on the web, while allowing access to the MyEDProfile™ platform.

The Provider Portal is designed so that Providers can view the User’s Profile while working in their office or emergency department. 

  • Providers will require to complete the 3-step verification process, known only to the User to access their profile.
  • Providers can update and edit user profiles as well as document key findings during the visit on the MyEDProfile™, that is shared instantly with the user upon submission.
  • Providers can send secure messages instantly to users by typing or dictating in their MyEDProfile™.

At MyEMSolution, we believe in simplifying tasks while providing convenient and first class healthcare.

Our Physician Suite transform MyEDProfile™ into a sleek EMR that centralize the patient record while connecting the user to UpToDate and a variety of online resources to enhance patient care. It can be used by family physicians, emergency physicians and specialists to perform the following tasks by simply loading the patient ID from the database:

  • Chart Notes
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Laboratory Requisitions
  • Imaging Requisitions
  • Referral Letters
  • Sick Notes
  • Billing – Private and MSP (completely customizable according to your hospital or provincial needs)

We have also integrated the following applications into the suite to provide Providers with a paperless efficient solution:

  • E-Faxing
  • Secure File Sharing with patients
  • Pharmacare
  • ClinicAid | PROfit

What are we planning to integrate before launching our MyEDProfile™ Physician Suite?

  • Electronic Inbox to securely view and manage results
  • Integrated UpToDate Subscription to our users
  • Schedule
  • Telehealth 

The Physician Suite will be our portal to provide users with a virtual alternative to seek medical advice. We are excited to partner with a South African company, Udok Clinics, in making healthcare more accessible to remote communities in Canada, using state of the art technology.

Pricing: TBD

Physicians who wants to join PROfit can register as a Provider with MyEMSolution to access our website.

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