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MyEDProfile™ - When Time Matters

Price: $ 10.00
Users can access their MyEDProfile for only $10.00 per month.


Step 1: Create Profile

Create the most comprehensive medical Profile on our database that can be shared with health professionals anywhere, anytime. We have designed a user friendly interface for creating a medical Profile that is similar to the one used in a doctor’s office. The advantage is that you can safely store your information in our database, that is PIPEDA compliant and add information by yourself or with the help of your family physician to create the best profile for when time matters.

MyEDProfile™ loads on any device and provides those involved in your care with a complete overview of your medical history, surgical history, medications and more. We have build a unique platform for Providers, that allows Health Providers around the world to view your profile on your request. By providing health care professionals with your unique username, password and ID, they will be able to view and update your profile in real time.

Step 2: Manage your subscription

Now that you have created your MyEDProfile™ we require activation of your subscription to access the MyEDProfile viewing and editing platform. Your subscription will include access to the MyEMSolution Cloud to upload documents securely from your smartphone, desktop or laptop for safe keeping.

To activate your subscription click on the ACTIVATE or RENEW SUBSCRIPTION button below.

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Step 3: View your MyEDProfile™

Now that your MyEDProfile™ is submitted, you can view and edit the Profile by visiting View Profile. Users will automatically by notified and prompted to visit their profiles, once an update was made by a Provider.

You can share this information with health professionals involved in your care from anywhere in the world, by accessing the View Profile page from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or dashboard.

We also built the MyEDProfile™ Provider Portal, where Providers can view and edit your profile on their device by providing them with your 3 step verification details.

We integrated a Notepad into MyEDProfile™ that can be used as a reminder or communication list either by yourself or your Provider regarding your health care needs.

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Request a PDF copy of your Profile | Chart Notes via our secure ShareFile account. We will usually upload it to your ShareFile Folder within 2 business days.

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