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Welcome to MyEDProfile™

In 2017, we embarked on a journey to improve care to our patients through a web based platform that could link patients and providers like never before. Our goal was to enhance shared care between family physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, allied health care professionals and patients through a single easy-to-use interface we called MyEDProfile™ (My Emergency Department Profile). What makes MyEDProfile™ unique is that it provides the emergency physician with critical data needed to make better decisions when time matters.

In 2018, we developed an Emergency Orientated Electronic Medical Record that would link providers to the best online resources while harbouring an easy to use interface to create notes, do e-precribing and document referral letters in the same instance. Our plan was to enhance patient care by providing ER physicians with in depth profiles of the patient in front them.

In 2019, MyEDProfile™ was expanded and opened to patients to built their online medical profiles while having access to a secure PIPEDA compliant cloud based storage, overseen by a MyEMSolution Ltd, to store documents relevant to their health and used to built their online emergency profile. Our goal with this approach was to combine the efforts of physicians, nurses and patients in a single instance that was accessible from anywhere in the world.

MyEDProfile™ is an evolving document that continues to update as information is entered into the platform.

MyEDProfile is mobile...

How does MyEDProfile™ capture my information?

To import your information into MyEDProfile™, it is required that a profile is created with your consent. Consent is obtained by creating your own profile through the website (click here) or providing consent through our clinic’s registration process.

Upon creating your profile, you can start importing information that is generally requested when presenting to a triage of an emergency room. This process is only required once and when submitted will remain in the MyEDProfile™ database.

Health information is best entered by hand as it requires a certain skill in structuring relevant information in a logical format. Therefore, the health information should be entered with the help of your family physician or nurse practitioner. We did however create a notepad within the profile, that is specifically allocated to patients to document findings regarding health.


When we invented MyEDProfile™, we designed the platform to link with your personal email account, to keep you updated every step of the way. Our notification centre will send MyEDProfile™ users an automated response when the profile is updated, to prompt users to visit their profile. 

We also integrated a secure messaging system that allows providers to sent MyEDProfile™ users secure messages pertaining their health. 

Documentation and MyChart

MyEDProfile™ transforms the information submitted through the platform into an evolving document that can be uploaded to the MyEMSolution Cloud. The document is uploaded in pdf format, making it easy to download on your phone, tablet or desktop to be shared with providers involved in your care.

MyChart is additional functionality added for MyEDProfile™ subscribers to upload documentation used to build your profile. Our hope is that patients (users) can take their charts wherever they go.


Additional Features

MyEDProfile™ is not just a tool to save and display your health information, it is in fact a lot more. Patients (users) are connected to important health information regarding common chronic conditions through the Health Tips section within the profile.

Screening is a very important part of preventative healthcare and therefore we have integrated this into the platform to ensure that patients are aware of when and how often they should be screened for breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, hypertension and more. Our screening section connects the patient to important information about screening as well as the pro and cons to make educated decisions with their family physician.

Vital Signs and Measurements (weight, height, SATS, BP and glucose) can be tracked through MyEDProfile™ and was important specifically for children and those with chronic illnesses that is looking for an easy way to track home monitoring. We are currently working on MyVitality to ensure that graphs are imported on a monthly basis to ensure that patients are not just inspired by improvements in their health decisions, but also to remind them if things are not going as planned.

Our Physician Suite transforms MyEDProfile™ into a complete EMR that can be used in the ER and when we integrate Telehealth Capabilities into our solution later in 2019. As MyEDProfile is monitored, we hope to provide more convenient health care for those in urban as well as rural communities. 

Processing ...

MyEDProfile™ Application

Login screen to access the MyEDProfile™ platform. This is hosted in the View Profile page and allows users and providers to document within the application.
Demographics imported when creating MyEDProfile™.
Profile with helpful information to make time sensitive decisions regarding your care.
Notepad to ensure that you and your provider are kept up to date regarding your health.

MyEDProfile™ Documentation

PDF document created by MyEDProfile™
PDF continued
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