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My Emergency Medicine Solution

We simplify, so you don't have to.

Dr Johann Schreve – Founder MyEMSolution

MyEMSolution ltd.

We simplify, so you don't have to.



MyEDProfile™ Provider Portal

We completed the MyEDProfile™ Provider Portal on 12 March 2019. The portal is an interactive platform that connects providers to MyEDProfile™ and resources on the web to view and interact with MyEDProfile™ users through a secure network.


MyEDProfile™ Physician Suite

In March 2019, we started creating the MyEDProfile™ Physician Suite that integrates EMR capabilities to our MyEDProfile™ platform. This allows physicians and nurse practitioners to use our MyEDProfile™ platform to generate a variety of documentation in record times.

The MyEDProfile Physician Suite allows health care professionals to interact with users through the platform and enables us to provide a unique product that can be used during telehealth consultations.

EMR capabilities includes E-Prescriptions, Referrals, Sick Notes and Lab Requisitions.  



In 2019, MyEMSolution Ltd will be working on MyVitality, an online interactive dashboard that connects with MyEDProfile™ to display screening tests and core laboratory findings to it’s users. Our vision is for users to participate in their healthcare by having access to a similar interface that is used in the physician’s office.



In January 2019 we completed MyEDProfile™, an online platform that securely shares critical information when time matters. MyVitals allows users to import home monitored blood pressures, glucose, weight and BMI to portray a more accurate profile when visiting  the emergency room, walk-in clinic or family physician. MyEDProfile™ allows our users to update and take their medical profile wherever they go in the world. Ideal for patients using telehealth solutions around the world.


PIPEDA compliant platform

In February 2018, we secured our own PIPEDA compliant servers in Canada. We started to design and test our platform, incorporating EMR capability to generate documents that was of the highest standards.



MyEMSolution Ltd. was founded in 2017 to enhance patient care through innovation. Our mission was to create, establish and provide people with the power to create and share their unique health profiles when time matters.

We simplify, so you don’t have to.

About the founder

I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2006. I completed a MBChB and started profiling my patients during my internship. Not only did it help me make better decisions for my patients, but it structured my thoughts, so that better choices could be made when time mattered.

In 2013 I completed my Diploma in Primary Emergency Care from the College of Emergency Medicine of South Africa. It was during this time that I was introduced to the power of FOAM (Free Online Access Meducation), which is integrated into all of our platforms. 

In 2013 I immigrated to British Columbia, Canada from Cape Town, South Africa and was introduced to the Electronic Medical Record. I enjoyed the process of structuring my charts, so that I could provide faster and better care to my patients, but the lack of communication between the different electronic systems used by physicians always concerned me. I knew that we had to find a better, central way to communicate with our patients and colleagues and started exploring what what web based platforms had to offer.

In 2016 I completed a web design course from the University of Cape Town. I never thought of myself as a master web designer, but started to understand the way that the internet could help to alleviate some of the frustrations that we as physicians faced on a daily basis. MyEDProfile™ is unique interface that allows physicians and patients to collaborate in single instance.

In 2017 we started PROfit to make billing in BC simpler, better, faster. At the same time we opened our Walk-in Clinic, that is now the basis of our operation, MyEMSolution Ltd. It is currently 1 year since we opened the doors  and we are proud to say that we have touched the lives of over 3000 people. It was here in Borland Medi-Clinic that MyEDProfile™ evolved into a tool that makes the difference.

Dr Johann Schreve MD 



PROfit - Tailored Professional Medical Billing

PROfit is our billing service that connects physicians to a web based billing program, called ClinicAid. We have structured the service to be better, simpler, faster and connects our physicians through a PIPEDA compliant interface to store their records and notify agents when to submit billings on their behalf to MSP.



MyEDProfile™ Physician Suite

Subscription based platform that was designed with efficiency in mind for physicians and nurse practitioners. Tap in to valuable resources while interacting with users through our secure MyEDProfile™.


Subscription based platform to allow users to access the MyEDProfile software. Build, update and share your profile from anywhere in the world. MyEMSolution physicians assist in conjunction with family physicians to capture and structure critical information  for when time matters.


PROfit Dashboard

BC Billing Codes simplified and displayed in visually attractive  tabs. Access to supportive documentation when needed. Also access to our Billing-On-The-Go PDF document to help gather billing information faster than ever before.


Free version and subscription version available to utilize the power of FOAM when working in the Emergency Department. MyEDProfile™ securely available in the PROfit and Professional versions to view patient information and copy and paste it into chart notes.

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